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The original business was Compuzone Internet Technologies cc that, due to the high cost of advertising, started to build it's own internet marketing group and soon had almost 100 marketing websites to promote the products and services.

Moving from webhost to another webhost due to various problems or server shortcommings etc we finally started to get our own servers and host our websites ourselves and never looked back again.

We started to offer web hosting for our client's on our servers and that many of them are after all these years still host their websites with us and that one of such clients even include a well-know "ANC Elite" family, says a lot about the quality and value of our services

The web hosting soon overtake our over business activities and a decision was made to stop all other activities and focus on web hosting and internet marketing as explained below.

With the success of our marketing websites that in fact helped us to grow our business without ever spending a cent on advertising, we started to spend most of our development time on an alternative and unique marketing model and SA Internet News Group cc was born.