Our Servers

Our web hosting offering is first and foremost geared towards server performance, network performance, and network availability at a reasonable and predictable price.

Our servers consist of Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5310 Clovertown processors with 4 000 MB ECC Ram each. (Quad-Core equals 4 x CPU's) While most companies use simple BGP routing, our datacenter utilizes the Avaya route science route optimizer for the ultimate low latency high availability connection to your server. Coupled with 6 tier one providers and loads of peers, you will be hard pressed to find a better network out there!

What does Route Optimizing mean exactly?

Normal BGP routing simply looks at how many hops until the target, the route science box actually traces back to the originating websurfers up to 7000 times a minute identifying any problematic area then sorting the routes based on many different factors such as speed, packetloss, and amount of hops. Then it intelligently re-routes your connection to insure you stay on the fastest possible route.

Imagine if a router becomes clogged up outside of our network on one of our routes. Our system identifies the problem and tells all traffic to avoid that route insuring you the fastest possible speed.

Why would you choose a dedicated provider on a NORMAL network when we has lower prices and an optimized network?But above all we DON'T overload our servers as is the case with almost ANY shared web hosting account all over the world.

It makes in fact pretty good business sense to utilize resource (such as servers) to it's maximum in order to save on cost and increase profit but in our case we don't simple because WE OWN almost 50% of the websites on these servers and obviously prefer PERFORMANCE above cost savings and income.