A Fresh Marketing Perspective

While more and more businesses takes their business online it’s amazing to see how they missing out on marketing because they don’t really understand the internet and marketing methods thereof.

Business owners are brainwashed into believing that advertising is the best method of marketing, partially because of the limited availability and high price of advertisement and otherwise because it was and is always the standard method of marketing.

On the internet things are very different and it’s quite possible that someone with a marketing budget of less than R5000 can achieve far better results than someone with a marketing budget of R50 000.

It is the results that count.

The value of articles over standard advertisements to advertise and promote a business is just one example and is far more effective for various reasons.

First, an article can contain 1000 or even more words, as compared to an advertisement, which is only a few seconds on a television screen or an often-overlooked few sentences or image buried in the depths of a newspaper.

Not only are these methods of advertising ridiculously over-priced, but they don’t hold the clout and proven results of articles as marketing method. With press releases, information and other articles, a marketer can hold a reader’s attention far longer than with a commercial or other advertisement, yielding far better results.

What many business owners don’t realize is that the internet is all about information and that visitors as well as search engines look for information and not advertisements.

Articles and information as method of publicity to promote a business and its products doesn’t have the forced connotation that many invoke when viewing an advertisement and is therefore far more effective.

The internet is about information so give visitors the information they need in such subtle way that it will convert readers into clients. A successful business is al about communication and articles, news and information is therefore perfect to ease that important bridge between being a total stranger or client.