Promotional Articles

Do you remember me? I am that long time not see good friend of yours that used to chat the nights away with you on weekends. I heard that you have a business and as you know I have a lot of friends in that industry but I am interested to hear what make your business attractive.

Can you please do me a favor and write a page long letter to me to tell me all about your business and why I should considering your services/products?

Main Goal

The main goal is to write a promotional article for your business that provide the most important information that a potential client needs to know so even if you rewrite it several times it is well worth the effort.


If you picture above circumstances you will be able to write an article that “speak” directly to the reader in such way that he/she feels a “connection” with you and the services/products that will benefit him/her.

A BIG business is in nature dry and formal such for example Holiday Inn and ABSA and small business owners often think that they must also be strictly formal to be successful.

The reality is that even those big businesses realize that it is the “personal touch” that attracts customers and you can easily see it reflected in their advertising campaigns.

In this regard small businesses therefore have a much better change to influence potential clients so you must make sure you use it to it’s full potential.


Organize your article so that the most important information is at the top and will show immediately to your reader how he will benefit from it and what are the most important points.

In the start focus your attention on establishing a personal connection with the reader by keeping the mindset of your main customers in mind and then highlight their most important need and how you can fulfill it better.

Every business should have something that makes his business different and unique so focus on that first.

There are thousands of guesthouses and hundreds of golf clubs but I never read about one that always have a braai, meat and a drink ready.

It is NOT about your business, it is about the client and customer so always keep his/her mindset and EGO in mind. There is only one thing that they want to know and that is what is in it for him or her.

Provide all necessary information so that a decision can be made there and then after reading the article but keep dry facts sweet and short and at the bottom of the article with another tempting benefit last, preferably something that create a sense of urgency to act now.

The best is to write the following parts separately and then place it together as one article that you can then edit and change for ease of reading and logical order.

* Establishing a personal connection
* Outstanding benefits for the customer
* Elaborating of above points
* Necessary information
* Another tempting benefit.

After you are satisfied with the results you can no post your promotional article on your town portal, a news portal website or anywhere else you want.

This promotional article can be regarded as the most important, and time consuming if you are serious, task that needs to be done. Even if it took you a few days to get the article perfect it can serve and promote your business for months and years to come.