With regards to copyright you can use most articles on the internet provided that you very clearly stated that such article was written by this person and provide a link to the original article.

Since you want to promote your business it don't make sense to promote two different businesses and the best is therefore to write your own articles. There is many article writing tips and advice on the internet but I am not going to deal with that but rather provide you with many ideas etc to get the creativeness flowing.

When you look at the different categories on your town portal you will see that there is many different topics available and my suggestion is that you take each topic and think about ways how you can utilize it to promote your business.

It's not hard work and actually FUN if you approach it in the right way.

You can for example ask other people, wife and kids to write an article about a topic that they like, something like a hobby etc and post it with your promotional signature at the bottom of the article.

You can write an article about your favorite sport, your kids can write a letter to other kids, your wife can write something for woman and other people some interesting facts about their work as well as their different hobbies or areas of interest.

Depending on your knowledge and writing skills you can also use the very same articles that you wrote and send it to relevant ezines. The owners of such ezines usually focus on specific topics such as for fishermen, cooking etc and can have a huge group of readers.

Such ezine owners always looking for fresh content so if your article is good enough they can include it into their next ezine for free (together with your signature) and the benefits of that is obvious.

The same way how the nutsman can now perhaps sell anything he wants with great results due to his TV series, the same way you can also build a reputation and being seen as an expert in your specific industry by posting article after article about the relevant topic.

Such topic don't need to be specific about your business and can be about your favorite hobby but posting articles about your business is far better because it show that you KNOW your business industry.

Fact of the matter is that your can drive a LOT of traffic to your website with articles and if someone clicks on such link via an article the change is FAR better that if would be in a positive mood.

In most cases if you click on an advertisement it is with a hesitative and questioning mood because not enough information is provided in the expensive but very limited space for such advertisement to achieve more than click-thru but with an article you have the whole world of words available to create interest, curiously, anticipation and a bond before such person click on the link.

The ability to post unlimited articles, news and information on at least your own town portal is therefore very valuable and how much you gain from it purely depends on your own creativeness and willingness to put in some effort.

It also have the added advantage that, the more content are posted, the more visitors will the websites attract and that leads to more people that read your articles and visit your website.

In this regard it is however important to note that the quality of content depends on the value of the information for the reader so the more interesting and valuable information you can provide the better.