Member Base

Except for your website and the information on it, your members are your most valuable asset. They are your "online currency"

Your focus should constantly be upon enlarging your membership base and to build a better relationship between you and your members, because this is your main source of income.

Let us consider the following example:
1) Person A has a website without much information (content), so he does not get many visitors, and those the does get look around quickly and then move on to another website. Unable to gain sufficient information, visitors cannot properly utilize opportunity #1, and Person A therefore makes no or little money from it.

2) Person B has a website with a lot of information, and gets enough visitors, but does not utilize it to build a client base and fails to regularly provide handy information to build up their confidence. He does place information and/or advertisements about opportunity #1 on his website, but it is then up to the new visitors whether they utilize this opportunity or not. He gets 200 visitors per month, and if only 1% utilize opportunity #1, he will make 2 x R150 = R300 commission per month.

3) Person C has a website with enough information and gets the same number of visitors as Person B. He utilizes the opportunity to build a membership base, however, and after one year he already has 1800 members. Because he regularly communicates with his members and provides them with good information, a reasonable amount of trust is created, and if he now introduces opportunity #1 to his members, a larger percentage will make use of it. Even if only 5% reacts, he will almost immediately receive R13 500 commission (5% of 1800 = R90 people x R150 commission each) plus R300 extra each month, like person B does.

This is a big difference, and then persons A and B blame the opportunity and say "it doesn't work," yet exactly the same opportunity has worked for person C because he has built up a good membership base.