The Internet

Let us consider the advantages of working on the Internet, before we investigate how it is done.

The key to success is the 'automation' of the process, and applying it in the correct way.

The biggest advantage of earning an income from the Internet is that it can be done from anywhere in the world and that you can add almost unlimited income streams without much additional effort. 
Compare a web based business to working full time for a boss

You will spend 5 years working for a boss you don't like, work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and will put a lot of effort into getting that promotion!  In most cases you will only get your annual pay rise, and put this back into transporting yourself to the office and back due to the constant cost increase of day to day life!

Take the scenario of having your own normal every day conventional business. Setting aside the fact that you have to work twice as hard for a year or two to get things going, you also now run the risk of losing substantially more should things not go according to plan.

Brick and mortar businesses depend on walk-in business; it pays rent, have to deal with issues like storage, stock, floor space etc. Security is a factor, insurance, personnel and compliance with rules and regulations set by municipalities, shopping centres, landlords and the Government. Even good businesses collapse regularly when they they have to deal with competitors putting up shop in their direct vicinity.

Clearly completely out of their control!

In contrast, an online business is almost untouchable.

Internet based businesses are able to obtain income from one, or many revenue streams. Expenses and overheads are just about non-existent. There are no physical assets to insure, no security system is needed to guard your property or stock, no rent or personnel to worry about.

Your online-business is everything, does everything, and will grow from month to month, depending on how much effort and work you put into it. Should you suddenly fall ill, the business will continue to work for you 24/7, 365 days a year, so that your income will not only remain the same, but may even increase.

Can a boss or an own brick and mortar business offer you THIS?

Contrary to working for a boss or for yourself in a normal business, the Internet offers many opportunities for building a fixed income over time, depending on how much time and effort you put into it.

Such opportunities mostly operate on the basis that you do not do the work yourself, but rather market somebody else's products and/or services and then receive commission for it, either monthly or once off.

If for example, someone has only one website into which he/she invests a lot of time and effort, then it won't matter what type of income they earn from it, as such income will keep increasing as more and more people visit their website.

Various sources of revenue can be applied to increase one's income, even though the number of visitors and the amount of effort you put into it stay the same.

Your website is also your insurance policy because, even if you have a job, or get one tomorrow, you can still work part-time to build your website, visitor base and income.  By the time when you loose your job over a few months or even 2 years, you will still earn money from your website, and can immediately start working full-time with it to increase your income even more.

It simply make sense.