Earn Money Online

It simply amaze me to read about the huge unemployment rate and hear sad stories on a regular base about people that cannot find a job, but when they are offered an opportunity to work for themselves online, most of them can't run away fast enough.

They heard stories about pyramid schemes and scams, about fraud and such things but without even a clue what its all about, what is true and what not, they immediately condemned everything as bad and evil.
Just as there is millions of good businesses and a fairly small percentage fraudulent ones, just so are there millions of good online businesses and unfortunately also a fair percentage bad ones.  Just as with any brick and mortar business and con artists, you simply need to use logical sense and some enquiries to play save.

What such people also don't understand or know is that almost all major internet businesses in South Africa make use of the same income programs as thousands of other people such as myself.  It's simply impossible that organizations such as Mweb, Telkom, IOL, Mediaweb, News24 and many more can join and support scams or pyramid schemes or what??

Another problem is that people also tend to dismiss an opportunity as a scam or something that don't work simply because they did not earned any money with such program.  What they don't realize is that they can blame only themselves due to a lack of knowledge, determination or most probably the wrong working methods.