Your online castle

First impressions count. Keep it clear and simple.

Keeping it clean and simple, means that the site has to be 'user friendly'. Don't you just hate it when you are browsing a site, decide to join or purchase something, but just can't seem to find where to do so?
The simplicity of the layout and ease of use are most important when trying to make a first impression. This lays the foundation and makes it simple to present just about any information. Your visitor has to know at all times where they are on your website, and navigating through the various sections and information has to be straight forward and simple.

The ability to generate income from the Internet depends on the amount of visitors to your site, and also how many of those you manage to convert to clients. The right content, accuracy, layout, and general presentation are therefore essential and play a vital role to your success.

There are millions of websites out there waiting for potential clients to visit, and they're only a click away! Therefore you shouldn't waste your visitor's time by having them wait while large unnecessary images load up, or scripts that only work with certain web browsers.

Have you ever noticed the sites you visit that promise riches over night? Almost all of them picture exotic islands, expensive sports cars, anything & everything that you have ever dreamt of! But what they also do is emphasise your current financial status, showing you everything you don't have! Don't know about you, but that seems to depress me even more!

Aren't these sites just so annoying? Instead of showing you how to generate the extra income, they depress you with fictional stories of people who have made millions in the past by following their system, or selling their products! Enough already! All we need is specific, straight to the point information on how to earn extra income!

Corporate companies spend millions on their buildings and offices, reception areas, product displays etc. They spend millions in obtaining the correct staff, training them, and making sure that they are able to keep their clients happy. Enormous salaries get paid every year in the quest to client satisfaction.

Ironically enough many of these companies tend to neglect their company website! These sites are usually a nightmare to browse, and getting any information from these sites prove to be a pain in the neck!

The very important fact that many of these companies forget is that your website is like your 'online castle'. In today's day and age, many people will look at your website for information on your company, before they even consider doing business with you!

So whether you are a small, medium or large company, accurate and easy accessible information is always of the utmost importance!

Doing business over the Internet brings another very important factor into play. Whether you are a small, medium or large business has no effect on the amount of visitors that come to your site, or decide to do business with you.

The Internet scales all businesses down to the same level. As always the deciding factor boils down to the quality of service you provide. Taking weeks to respond on a potential client's email or enquiry won't do your business any good. Remember that another business is just a click away!

It is thus your responsibility to be better and more switched on then your opposition. You have to realise how important your website is to your business. Realise that with a little effort and time you are competing with the biggest companies in the world!

Your website should be an expression of yourself, something that reflects your personality, your knowledge, your experience and above all your willingness to provide a better service then the next person, and thus turning potential clients into regular business. Design your website to work for you, constantly add new information.

Sufficient and relevant information is vital when it comes to search engines, and those websites with relevant and sufficient information gets placed at the top of search lists. This again results in more visitors, more people who refer to your website, and an increase in your income.

Isn't it ironic how people will spend so much money to get work, to an ordinary job for a single salary increase every year, or borrow and spend thousands to start an own business, but when it comes to spending only a little on an online business, they can't justify the cost.

Be prepared to pay a little for a good domain name and website and you will reap the benefits of it, providing you put in sufficient effort and time.