A honest question

I don't understand - Can someone help pls? This is really a honest question and out of my heart.

I saw a banner ad with the advertisement below today and want to scream because I don't understand a business owner's mindset???

"Whatever your business, attract more customers with a professional website, designed and hosted for R499 pm." (Well-known hosting company)

- The goal of everything and the whole business existence is to earn a profit but,
- R100 more income or R100 less expenses is the same and both increase profit yet,
- Business owners focus on income and ignore expenses and hurt their own profit and business.

I can offer a business above and much more and increase their profit with R4 786 but they prefer "brand names". They won't GIVE a "brand name" company R4 786 FREE products or services but don't mind paying R4 786 EXTRA for THEIR products or services????


One attorney paid R25 000 for a website and there are websites that cost R100 000 and more and there is also a company that offer an e-commerce website system for "only" R5995 while any of our clients can install precise the same e-commerce website system for FREE and we can customize it for only a few hundred rand.

(Wonder why we can offer a R5995 website for free???  Well, it's in FACT illegal to sell this e-commerce website system and above company charge R5995 merely for customization and the layout, something that you can anyway do yourself)

Fact of the matter is that a website, whether it was free or cost R100 000, won't attract more customers as claimed in above and almost all the advertisements of hosting companies plain and simple because there are already billions of websites out there and you need to PROMOTE your website.


Because it's a well-known hosting company their services must be better? Wrong because most hosting companies use more or less the same datacenters, networks, hard and software and an one-man hosting business can offer precise the same hosting environment and infrastructure with cloud hosting as a billion rand hosting company so it all boils down to the associated services offered, and it's almost obvious that a small business is more client oriented than a big one that overload their servers and treat their clients as mere numbers.

On top of that most ISP's also misled potential clients with SMALL LOW PRICE packages or "unlimited" but then spiralling the cost higher with upgrades or hidden terms and conditions.

Many of our clients are with us for 10 years or more and one of them an ANC elite family that, like some others, moved away to other ISP's but came back soon thereafter. THAT must say something about the quality and value of the services we offer or what?

In the end only one thing matter and that is how many visitors and CLIENTS you get out of your website and hosting.


As said above in the end all that matters is how many visitors and new clients you get out of your website and hosting and that all boils down to marketing and a website and hosting is thus merely a tool, something that you use to reach a goal and not the goal itself.

As internet marketing company that build our own marketing group over many years and host our own websites ourselves we understand this better than anyone else and can thus offer our clients a website + hosting + marketing for only R110 per month.

R110 pm x 12 minus 9% discount = R1201 per year compared to R495 pm x 12 = R5998 per year = A difference of R4 786 per year.

Again, a business owner won't GIVE a "brand name" company R4 786 FREE products or services but don't mind paying R4 786 EXTRA for THEIR products or services while they in fact can get MORE for LESS.

Why? that is what I don't understand.