Why work-from-home dont work

It's almost so much common sense and logic that everybody should already know it but yet I see on regular base how thousands of people, that desperately needs money and decided to earn money online, drop out of the internet "work-from-home wagon" and make it off as one big scam.

That there are indeed many scams is true, but it's also true that there are many good and honest income programs available otherwise respectable companies like Media 24 etc would not even touch it, let alone actually use such programs to earn a lot of money. (Many of the "advertisements" on for example news24.com are actually affiliate (work-from-home type) programs)

With a lot of visitors and several such income streams you can imagine how much they earn for doing absolute nothing at all except the initial joining and adding of advertisements to their websites. It's free to join such programs and you can also join.

Many, if not all, of the other income programs work in the same way but with some variations and the problem is that each income program explain/promote the benefits in such way that it focus on THAT specific income program alone without any information about the overall and broad picture.

What now happens is that someone read such information, decide it's an excellent program and great way to earn money, join and start promoting the income program and when they don't earn much money within some time they focus even harder to promote this specific income program until they eventually gave up....

They made one big mistake.

They focus on the income program itself instead of the REAL source of income. The visitors, the clients and people that can apply for insurance, that can and want to buy this or that product or need this or that service.

Without visitors you simply cannot earn money regardless what program you try to promote.

In fact nobody can earn money from almost any business, opportunity, income program or whatever without marketing and marketing.

Advertising is however expensive, people don’t know how to use alternative marketing methods or have a mental resistance against “marketing” so very little marketing is done and they then blame everything except their unability to promote and build their INCOME.

Marketing and promotion is nothing else than communication, something that you do every day and even a curriculum vitae, chatting with people about what you did is marketing of yourself and in a sense is even communication between couples promotion of their relationship.

Effective marketing is to bring sufficient information under the attention of as many people as possible, in such way that it “seduce” them to do something to your advantage.

With above in mind, traditional advertisements is not only too expensive, its also almost useless due to the limited space.


Websites like Facebook, the news websites and any other website that earn big bucks from marketing, have all one thing in common, lots and lots of interesting content, yet people and businesses spend all day posting things on Facebook and drive more visitors to Facebook, yet they don't even have a website or post much content on their own website.

The solution is to think the other way round, think marketing, focus and build a marketing website first and you can then use that to earn income from almost any income stream, in fact even multiple income streams without much extra effort.

For YEARS our goal and focus was to provide just that for our clients, a website + hosting + marketing and much more all in one.

(Marketers can get a special BIG DISCOUNT if they want a website for each of their members if there is more than 20 members)